Parivahan Sewa Kerala: A Comprehensive Guide


Parivahan Sewa Kerala serves as a critical tool for managing vehicular documentation and driver licensing in Kerala. This blog post aims to demystify the platform, highlighting the essential services and providing you with a seamless navigation experience.

What is Parivahan Sewa Kerala?

Parivahan Sewa Kerala is part of a centralized online framework designed to streamline transport services across the state. This initiative enhances transparency, efficiency, and accessibility for all transport-related services.

Registering a New Vehicle

One of the primary services offered by Parivahan Sewa Kerala is vehicle registration. New vehicle owners can register their vehicles online, avoiding the need to visit the RTO office. The process is user-friendly and designed to save time and effort.

Driving License Application Process

Parivahan Sewa Kerala simplifies the driving license application process. Applicants can fill out forms online, schedule appointments, and track their application status through the platform.

Renewal of Driving License

The renewal of driving licenses is another crucial service provided. The platform allows users to renew their licenses well before the expiry date, ensuring continuous legality of driving.

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

Transferring vehicle ownership is made straightforward with Parivahan Sewa Kerala. The platform guides you through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transfer process, whether selling or buying a vehicle.

Paying Road Tax

Parivahan Sewa Kerala is also equipped to facilitate the payment of road taxes online. This service ensures that vehicle owners can manage their tax payments conveniently and on time.

Booking Appointments at RTO

The service provides a facility to book appointments at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) online. This feature helps in reducing waiting times and streamlining visits for various services.

Checking Application Status

Parivahan Sewa Kerala allows users to check the status of any application related to vehicle services or driver’s licenses. This transparency helps in planning and provides assurance to the applicants.

Downloading and Printing of Documents

Users can download and print various documents such as registration certificates and NOCs directly from Parivahan Sewa Kerala. This feature is invaluable for maintaining personal records.

Reporting and Compliance

The platform also supports reporting lost or stolen vehicles and compliance with emission norms, enhancing the governance of transport services in Kerala.


Parivahan Sewa Kerala stands as a beacon of modernity in the transport service sector, significantly easing the bureaucratic processes associated with vehicle management and driving services. By utilizing this comprehensive online service, residents of Kerala can save time, reduce paperwork, and enhance their compliance with transport regulations.


Q1: How do I register for Parivahan Sewa Kerala?

To register, visit the official Parivahan Sewa Kerala website, create an account, and follow the registration process for specific services.

Q2: Can I renew my driving license through Parivahan Sewa Kerala?

Yes, driving licenses can be renewed online through Parivahan Sewa Kerala by submitting the required documents and fee online.

Q3: What documents are needed for vehicle registration on Parivahan Sewa Kerala?

Typically, you will need proof of purchase, insurance, your ID, and proof of address to register a vehicle.

Q4: How long does it take to transfer vehicle ownership?

Transfer times can vary, but using Parivahan Sewa Kerala can expedite the process, often taking a few weeks.

Q5: Is there a way to track the status of my application on Parivahan Sewa Kerala?

Yes, the platform allows users to track their application status online by entering their application number.

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