Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand: Streamlining Transport Services


Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand is a revolutionary initiative aimed at streamlining transport-related services in the state. This platform provides a plethora of services ranging from vehicle registration to driving license issuance. It is a part of the broader national Parivahan Sewa initiative aimed at digitizing and simplifying transport services across India.

What is Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand?

Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand is an online platform designed to offer various transport-related services to the residents of Jharkhand. This initiative is part of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ effort to make transport services more accessible and efficient through digitization.

Vehicle Registration

One of the primary services offered by Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand is vehicle registration. This process is crucial for every vehicle owner, as it ensures that their vehicle is legally recognized. The platform simplifies this process by allowing users to apply for registration online, track the status of their application, and receive their registration certificate digitally.

Driving License Issuance

Obtaining a driving license in Jharkhand has never been easier, thanks to Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand. The platform offers a seamless application process where individuals can apply for a learner’s license, book a slot for their driving test, and eventually obtain their permanent driving license.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand also facilitates the issuance of Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates. These certificates are mandatory for all vehicles to ensure they meet the emission standards set by the government. The platform allows users to apply for and renew their PUC certificates online, making the process more convenient.

Road Tax Payment

Paying road tax is a crucial responsibility for vehicle owners. Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand provides an easy and transparent method to pay road taxes online. This service ensures that all payments are documented and reduces the chances of discrepancies.

Permit Applications

For commercial vehicle operators, obtaining the necessary permits is essential. Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand offers a streamlined process for applying for various permits, such as national permits, state permits, and goods carriage permits. This service helps operators avoid lengthy bureaucratic procedures and saves time.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

A vehicle fitness certificate is essential to ensure that a vehicle is safe to be on the road. Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand simplifies the process of applying for and renewing fitness certificates. This ensures that all vehicles on the road meet the required safety standards.

Online Fee Payment

One of the significant advantages of Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand is the ability to make online payments for various services. This includes payments for registration, license issuance, road tax, and more. The online payment system is secure and efficient, reducing the need for physical visits to transport offices.

Grievance Redressal

Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand also offers a robust grievance redressal system. Users can lodge complaints and track their status online. This system ensures that issues are addressed promptly and efficiently, enhancing the overall user experience.

Future Prospects

The future of Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand looks promising as the platform continues to evolve and incorporate more services. With ongoing advancements in technology, the scope of services is expected to expand, further simplifying transport-related processes for the residents of Jharkhand.


Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand is a significant step towards digitizing and streamlining transport services in the state. By offering a wide range of services online, it has made processes like vehicle registration, driving license issuance, and road tax payment more accessible and efficient. As the platform continues to evolve, it promises to bring even more convenience to the residents of Jharkhand.


Q1: How can I apply for a driving license through Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand?

A: You can apply for a driving license through Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand by visiting their official website, filling out the application form, and booking a slot for your driving test.

Q2: Is it possible to renew my vehicle registration online in Jharkhand?

A: Yes, Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand allows you to renew your vehicle registration online.

Q3: How can I pay road tax using Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand?

A: You can pay road tax online through the Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand portal by selecting the road tax payment option and following the instructions.

Q4: What documents are required for obtaining a PUC certificate?

A: The documents required for obtaining a PUC certificate include the vehicle registration certificate and previous PUC certificate if available.

Q5: How can I check the status of my grievance on Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand?

A: You can check the status of your grievance on Parivahan Sewa Jharkhand by logging into your account and navigating to the grievance section.

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