Parivahan Sewa Gujarat: A Comprehensive Guide


Parivahan Sewa Gujarat is a crucial initiative under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways aimed at automating and streamlining road transport services in Gujarat. This platform offers a plethora of services related to vehicle registration, driver licenses, permits, and more, making transportation management more efficient and user-friendly.

What is Parivahan Sewa Gujarat?

Parivahan Sewa Gujarat is an online portal developed to provide seamless transport services to the citizens of Gujarat. The platform facilitates various transactions related to vehicle registration, license renewal, and permit applications, all from the comfort of your home.

Online Vehicle Registration Process

The process of vehicle registration through Parivahan Sewa Gujarat is designed to be straightforward and efficient. Users can log on to the portal, fill in the required details, submit necessary documents, and complete their registration process online, significantly reducing the time spent at physical RTO offices.

License Application and Renewal

Parivahan Sewa Gujarat simplifies the process of applying for a new driving license or renewing an existing one. The portal guides you through submitting your application, scheduling a driving test, and completing payments, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

How to Apply for Permits

Commercial vehicle operators in Gujarat can apply for various types of permits through the Parivahan Sewa Gujarat portal. This includes temporary permits, national permits, and state permits, essential for the legal operation of commercial vehicles.

Tax Payments and E-Challans

The portal also enables users to pay vehicle taxes and clear e-challans issued against them. This system not only ensures compliance with traffic rules but also provides a transparent and quick method to handle fines and taxes.

Fitness Certificates and Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificates

Vehicle owners can apply for fitness certificates and check the status of their Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates through Parivahan Sewa Gujarat. These features are vital for maintaining the environmental regulations and ensuring that vehicles are safe to drive.

Features for Transport Operators

Parivahan Sewa Gujarat offers several features specifically designed for transport operators, such as fleet management, trip scheduling, and logistic planning. These tools help in optimizing operations and improving the efficiency of transport services.

Benefits of Using Parivahan Sewa Gujarat

The primary benefits of using Parivahan Sewa Gujarat include time-saving, reduced paperwork, increased transparency, and enhanced access to services. The platform is particularly beneficial during the pandemic, as it minimizes physical contact.

Recent Updates and Enhancements

The government frequently updates the Parivahan Sewa Gujarat portal to incorporate new features and enhancements. These updates aim to improve user experience and expand the range of services offered through the portal.

User Support and Assistance

Parivahan Sewa Gujarat provides comprehensive user support through its helpline numbers and online support system. This ensures that users can resolve issues and get assistance with the platform’s services promptly.


Parivahan Sewa Gujarat is revolutionizing the way vehicle and driver-related services are managed in Gujarat, bringing efficiency and convenience to the forefront. By leveraging this platform, users can ensure compliance with transport regulations while benefiting from a streamlined, paperless process.


Q1. How can I register my vehicle on Parivahan Sewa Gujarat?

  • To register your vehicle, visit the Parivahan Sewa Gujarat portal, create an account, fill in the required details, upload necessary documents, and submit your application online.

Q2. Is it mandatory to renew my driving license through Parivahan Sewa Gujarat?

  • While it is not mandatory to use the portal, Parivahan Sewa Gujarat offers a convenient way to renew your driving license without visiting the RTO.

Q3. Can I pay my vehicle tax through Parivahan Sewa Gujarat?

  • Yes, the portal allows you to calculate and pay your vehicle tax online, streamlining the process and saving time.

Q4. What should I do if I face issues with the Parivahan Sewa Gujarat portal?

  • If you encounter any problems, you can contact the dedicated support team via the helpline number or email provided on the portal.

Q5. Are there any charges for using the services of Parivahan Sewa Gujarat?

  • Most services on Parivahan Sewa Gujarat are free, but certain transactions may involve nominal fees, detailed on the portal.

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