Parivahan Sewa Gov In: Streamlining Transportation Services in India


Parivahan Sewa Gov In is an initiative by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. The primary objective of this portal is to provide citizens with an easy and convenient way to access transportation-related services. Whether you need to apply for a driving license, register a new vehicle, or renew your RC, Parivahan Sewa Gov In is your one-stop solution.

Key Features of Parivahan Sewa Gov In

Parivahan Sewa Gov In offers a plethora of services to ensure that citizens can handle all their transportation-related needs online. Some of the key features include online application for driving licenses, vehicle registration, payment of road tax, and access to various forms and documents. The portal also provides real-time updates on application status and notifications.

How to Register on Parivahan Sewa Gov In

To access the services offered by Parivahan Sewa Gov In, you need to register on the portal. The registration process is straightforward and requires basic information such as your name, contact details, and Aadhaar number. Once registered, you can log in to the portal and start using the services.

Applying for a Driving License through Parivahan Sewa Gov In

One of the most popular services on Parivahan Sewa Gov In is the online application for a driving license. The portal allows you to fill out the application form, upload necessary documents, book a slot for the driving test, and pay the required fees. This eliminates the need to visit the RTO office multiple times, making the process more efficient.

Vehicle Registration Made Easy with Parivahan Sewa Gov In

Registering a new vehicle has never been easier, thanks to Parivahan Sewa Gov In. You can complete the entire registration process online, from submitting the application form to uploading the necessary documents and paying the registration fees. The portal also allows you to track the status of your application in real time.

Online Payment of Road Tax via Parivahan Sewa Gov In

Paying road tax is a crucial aspect of vehicle ownership, and Parivahan Sewa Gov In simplifies this process by allowing online payments. You can calculate the road tax applicable to your vehicle, make the payment through the portal, and receive a digital receipt instantly. This ensures that you stay compliant with government regulations without any hassle.

Renewal of Registration Certificate (RC) on Parivahan Sewa Gov In

When it comes to renewing your vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC), Parivahan Sewa Gov In offers a seamless experience. You can apply for RC renewal online, submit the required documents, and pay the renewal fees through the portal. The updated RC will be sent to your registered address, saving you time and effort.

Accessing Forms and Documents on Parivahan Sewa Gov In

Parivahan Sewa Gov In provides easy access to a wide range of forms and documents related to transportation services. Whether you need a form for vehicle transfer, NOC, or any other service, you can download it from the portal. This ensures that you have all the necessary paperwork ready before visiting the RTO office, if required.

Real-Time Application Status and Notifications

One of the significant advantages of Parivahan Sewa Gov In is the ability to check the status of your applications in real time. The portal provides updates and notifications about the progress of your application, ensuring that you are always informed. This feature helps in reducing anxiety and uncertainty associated with government processes.

Benefits of Using Parivahan Sewa Gov In

The benefits of using Parivahan Sewa Gov In are manifold. It saves time by reducing the need for physical visits to the RTO office, enhances transparency in the application process, and ensures secure and efficient transactions. Moreover, the portal is user-friendly, making it accessible to people of all ages and technical proficiencies.


Parivahan Sewa Gov In has revolutionized the way transportation services are delivered in India. By leveraging technology, the government has made it easier for citizens to access essential services related to vehicles and driving licenses. Whether you are applying for a new driving license, registering a vehicle, or renewing your RC, Parivahan Sewa Gov In provides a hassle-free and efficient solution. Embrace this digital transformation and experience the convenience of online transportation services.


Q1: How do I register on Parivahan Sewa Gov In?
A1: To register, visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa Gov In, click on the ‘Register’ button, and provide your basic information such as name, contact details, and Aadhaar number.

Q2: Can I apply for a driving license renewal through Parivahan Sewa Gov In?
A2: Yes, you can apply for the renewal of your driving license through Parivahan Sewa Gov In by filling out the online application form, uploading the necessary documents, and paying the renewal fees.

Q3: How can I check the status of my vehicle registration application on Parivahan Sewa Gov In?
A3: You can check the status of your vehicle registration application by logging into your account on Parivahan Sewa Gov In and navigating to the ‘Application Status’ section.

Q4: Is it possible to pay road tax online through Parivahan Sewa Gov In?
A4: Yes, Parivahan Sewa Gov In allows you to calculate and pay your road tax online. You will receive a digital receipt upon successful payment.

Q5: What documents are required for vehicle registration on Parivahan Sewa Gov In?
A5: The documents required for vehicle registration include proof of identity, proof of address, vehicle invoice, insurance certificate, and Form 20. You can upload these documents through the portal.

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