Parivahan Sewa Assam: Navigating Transportation Services in the Northeast


Parivahan Sewa Assam is an integral part of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ initiative to streamline transportation services across India, with a specific focus on Assam. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to facilitate the smooth handling of various transportation-related activities in the state.

Online Registration Services

Through Parivahan Sewa Assam, users can access online registration for new vehicles. This service simplifies the process of registering a vehicle by eliminating the need to visit the RTO office, making vehicle registration a hassle-free experience.

License Application and Renewal

Parivahan Sewa Assam offers an online portal for applying for and renewing driving licenses. This efficient system ensures that residents of Assam can easily manage their driving credentials without enduring long queues.

Permit Applications

For commercial vehicle operators, Parivahan Sewa Assam is a boon, providing online applications for various permits. This includes goods carriage permits, national and state permits for buses, and more, facilitating smoother operations for transport businesses.

Fee Payment Solutions

The platform also integrates a payment gateway to collect fees related to transport services, such as registration fees, license fees, and permit fees. This feature of Parivahan Sewa Assam enhances transparency and reduces corruption.

Fitness Certification

Vehicle fitness is critical, and Parivahan Sewa Assam provides a streamlined process for obtaining fitness certificates. This online service helps vehicle owners comply with safety standards required by law.

Pollution Control

In line with environmental regulations, Parivahan Sewa Assam offers services for checking and certifying vehicles for emission standards. This helps in maintaining a cleaner environment in Assam by ensuring that vehicles meet pollution control norms.

Transfer of Ownership

If you’re buying or selling a vehicle in Assam, Parivahan Sewa Assam facilitates the transfer of ownership through its portal. This service is crucial for maintaining accurate records and legal compliance in vehicle transactions.

Insurance Services

The platform is linked with various insurance providers to ease the process of insuring vehicles. Parivahan Sewa Assam users can select, apply, and renew vehicle insurance directly through the website.

Grievance Redressal

Parivahan Sewa Assam also includes a grievance redressal mechanism to address any issues users might face while accessing the services. This ensures a user-friendly experience and promotes accountability.

User Guide and Support

For those new to the system or facing difficulties, Parivahan Sewa Assam provides a comprehensive user guide and customer support. This helps in familiarizing users with the system and assists them in navigating various services efficiently.


Parivahan Sewa Assam is transforming the way transportation services are managed in Assam, making it easier, faster, and more efficient for residents to handle vehicle-related services. With its wide range of online facilities, the platform significantly enhances user experience and contributes to the better management of transport services in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Parivahan Sewa Assam?

  • Parivahan Sewa Assam is an online platform that facilitates various transport-related services in Assam, including vehicle registration, license renewal, and more, under the initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

2. How can I register my vehicle through Parivahan Sewa Assam?

  • Vehicle registration through Parivahan Sewa Assam can be done online by visiting their official website, filling out the necessary forms, and submitting the required documents.

3. Can I renew my driving license on Parivahan Sewa Assam?

  • Yes, you can renew your driving license through Parivahan Sewa Assam by accessing their online services, which provide a straightforward renewal process.

4. Is there a service for transferring vehicle ownership on Parivahan Sewa Assam?

  • Yes, Parivahan Sewa Assam offers an online service for the transfer of vehicle ownership, ensuring legal compliance and record accuracy.

5. What should I do if I face issues while using Parivahan Sewa Assam?

  • If you encounter any problems while using Parivahan Sewa Assam, you can use the grievance redressal system on their portal or contact their customer support for assistance.

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